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WiseIdea ‘Site Creator’ CMS

A CMS (Content Management System), is the online software you use to write and edit webpages on your website.    Or to upload and put pictures on your website, as well as all general site management.    There are many 100s of CMSs.    Probably the most famous one is WordPress, which was one of the first.    We’ve been setting up WordPress sites for people for years, and we’ll gladly create one for you now.   

But.. we strongly recommend using the ‘WiseIdea Site Creator CMS’ instead.   WordPress has been around for 15 years, and it is based on old, outdated programming concepts.    It is notoriously slow and insecure, and constantly needs updating, changing, and maintaining to keep it safe from hackers.   And for beginners, it’s not that easy to use, or to find the right plugins and setting configurations to make it do what you want. 

‘Site Creator’    vs.   WordPress:

Much Easier!    The ‘WiseIdea Site Creator’ is simply MUCH easier to use than WordPress!    (See the screenshots)   If you’ve ever used any CMS before, you might not need any help.   And if this is your first website, we can easily show you how it all works.   (And we offer great help.  Call and speak directly to us, even on the weekend or holidays.  We’re a small company, so you can speak directly with the owner if you need.)

More Secure!    ‘WI Site Creator’ is much more secure than WordPress.    ‘WI Site Creator’ does NOT use a database, and so is resistant to ‘SQL code injection’ and other frequent, famous attacks on WordPress.   WordPress is a security nightmare.

Faster!     Web pages load faster than with the sluggish WordPress. 

More Affordable.    Due to it being much easier to maintain, and to so easily teach how to use, we can offer this at about half the price o a managed WordPress site.  

No Lock-in.     We can easily convert it to WordPress later if you like.

Custom-made Site Design Themes.   (We do custom themes also for WordPress, but thy cost extra, because everything with WordPress tends to be more problematic.)

More Powerful Tools for Writers.    Ask for our most advanced or custom editor’s toolbars.   They have many more buttons and editing, styling options in them than does WordPress.   It’s like using ‘MS Word’ or other word processors, but online to make your website!

Powerful Features already included within, without need to find and try extra ‘plugins’.   Things like ‘photo galleries’ or ‘contact forms’ are already included  as part of the system.    And if you need anything special, we can generally custom code it for you. 

So… how did we create all this? 

A lot of programming code and concepts are open source today.    We took the best ideas from many different systems, looking always for security, speed, and ease of use, combined them together with some tweaks, and added our own code, until we have what is proudly the easiest, fastest, and most secure website creating system you can find anywhere!   

Any Advantages with WordPress?

Yes, there are still a few functions or features that can be found in WordPress plugins that still don't exist yet in our CMS.   Most notably, the ability to create ‘member's only’ web pages for paying members only.   We’re working on that.    In the meantime, it’s also possible to create a ‘hybrid’ site where some pages are on WordPress, and others in our own Site Creator.    Or, we can do a site just on WordPress for you.   
Note: for eCommerce web stores, we generally use ‘Open Cart’ shopping cart, which is the industry leader, and most popular choice for this.